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Modern tennis – is a game loved by children and grown-ups of all ages and levels. It involves all muscle groups, ideal for keeping in good shape. A player runs more than 3 miles every match – due to restricted area it is continuous back and forth moves.

The history of the sport goes back to the XII century. Before the rackets, the first sportsmen used their own hands to hit the ball over the net. At that time people suffered from swollen red palms while playing «jeu de paume». The first rackets appeared in the XVI century.

The era of tennis we know today has come in 1960 when major championships became open to both professionals and amateurs. The number of fans and spectators grew at an alarming rate; broadcasters were interested in showing rivalries between notable players.

Today more and more parents decide to bring their children to tennis sections. There is hardly any sport that gives so much freedom and self-realization.

All About Tennis

Tennis – is a game where two players (singles) or four (doubles) use specially strung rackets to hit a ball above the net on a rectangular court so that it should not bounce twice.

Points are rewarded if a player hits so that the opponent could not return the ball back into the court.

The main organization that governs professional tennis is the ITF (International Tennis Federation). In its turn, ATP (Association of Tennis Players) oversees men’s tennis, whereas WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) looks after women’s sport.

Originally the British who are considered to be the fathers of the sport called it «lawn tennis» because it is played usually on the grass. Today there are 3 basic surfaces – hard, clay, and grass.

Tennis season is long and starts in January and ends in October-November. There are 4 main tournaments for players (so-called Grand Slams):

  • Australian Open
  • Rolland Garros
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open

Winning this event is prestigious and rewarding.There are incessant arguments about theу best player in history. Specialists and fans frequently name Serena Williams, Steffi Graff, and Margaret Court when it comes to females. The debates about the best male are even hotter – currently, 3 players are still on tour and contest the title of the greatest – Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer. And you can’t discount the legend of the 1960th Rod Laver.

Tennis Betting for Beginners

Tennis Betting for Beginners

Before placing the first bet, every gambler should know some basic things. Without them, wagering will seem like spontaneous and reckless decisions that are certainly going to fail.

  • know the rules

Tennis scoring is a bit funny and confusing to the novices. Winning the first point gives you 15, the second – 30, the third – 40. And only the fourth leads to the game end. If both contestants scored 40-40 (deuce), a player should win two consecutive points to close the game. Winning the first of them is called advantage. To claim a victory a player has to score six games in two sets by a margin of two games.

  • know about tournaments, calendar, and surfaces

The calendar includes such events as Masters 1000, ATP 500, and ATP 250 series and Premier 1000, WTA 500, and WTA 250. You have to bear in mind that the surfaces change through the year and some players prefer clay to hard.

  • learn about tennis betting markets

There can be simple wagers on the winner of a certain match. But some outcomes can be tricky for the beginners – like a handicap, tennis over and under betting.

  • choose a trustful bookmaker

Fairplay club is a legal bookie that operates in India and worldwide. It has an official license from Curacao. The sportsbook offers all the major ATP and WTA tournaments.

  • have a budget and do not exceed it

Some experienced bettors even keep a record where mark all the information about the prediction – date, game, odds, and result.

Rules For Tennis Betting

Now you have a general idea about the essence of tennis betting. Let’s get straight to the types of wagers.

  • outright

Here you select the winner of the whole competition – not a single match.

  • match

The most popular and straightforward one – you pick a winner or a loser.

  • set

Here you predict the result of a set. A match can consist of 2 or 5 sets on the Grand Slams.

  • handicap

More complicated and less evident kind of bets. Handicap is a number that can be positive (underdog) and negative (favorite). You just add this number to the final sum of games and see whether your prediction is still relevant. We will show an example in the following chapter to make it clear.

  • over under betting (total)

It is wagering on the number of games or sets in the match. It can be more or less than the set value (total).

  • in-play betting.

There can be even momentary online decisions about the next points. So you need to be focused and feel the pulse of the match.

Basic Tennis Betting Tips

Basic Tennis Betting Tips

There is some more useful tips:

  • WTA tennis is more unpredictable than ATP. If you make the first betting steps it is safer to wager on male players. It’s not sexism – it’s just that girls are more affected by stress and health problems.
  • We do not recommend betting at lower levels – challengers. Players at these levels are less stable, and there are more and more match-fixing stories associated with these tournaments.
  • Consider head-to-head. Some players struggle with certain opponents. Even the greatest have inconveniences facing them.
  • Look at the stats. Information about serve and return, number of aces and double faults can help to make the right decision.

Tennis Bet Example

Have a look on the following handicap odds:

  • Kei Nishikori (+5.5)
  • Novak Djokovic (-5.5)

Imagine you have 10 $ to make a prediction. (-5.5) means that Djokovic is a favorite. If you wager on him, he should not only beat Nishikori but also win more than 5.5 games than the Japanese player. Suppose that Kei fights desperately but still loses 4/6 4/6. Calculate: Djokovic won 12 games while Nishikori – 8. The difference of 4 is less than the set handicap of 5.5. Hence despite Novak’s victory in these conditions Nishikori is the winner and your bet is unsuccessful.

Tennis Betting Lines

Betting lines are not so much popular among bookmakers. Lines are set in soccer where three outcomes are possible – win, lose or draw. A tennis match always has a winner. However, let’s explain how it works. There is nothing difficult:


Dimitrov is an underdog: betting 100 $ can result in 510 $ income.

Fairplay Withdrawals and Deposits

Fairplay Withdrawals and Deposits

So, you chose Fairplay as your betting partner. Firstly, complete a simple and fast free registration. Then log in and replenish the account for the first time. We indicated the main payment methods in the tablet below:

Payment methodMin. depositMax. depositMin. payoutMax. payout
Bank transfer5000 INRnot specified1000 INRnot specified
Netbanking, UPI, PayTM500 INR500 000 INR1000 INRnot specified
BTH, BTC, ETHfrom 1116 to3721 INR500 000 INR1000 INRnot specified

All the transactions are safe and take adequate time.

Why Bet Tennis on Fairplay

  • large soccer sportsbook

The number of events is mesmerizing. The bookie highlights such top events as ATP and WTA 1000, 500 and 250, Grand Slams, Davis Cup, and Billie Jean King Cup.

The odds are competitive and reasonable. With Fairplay betting, you have a great chance to succeed.

  • welcome bonus and promotions

The bookie greet every player with a 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit.

  • fast deposits and withdrawals in INR

The company work closely with major Indian banks. All the transactions are safe and encrypted.

  • modern app for Android
  • simple registration

Customer Support

The help center is available day and night without breaks. The team of operators can handle any problem, including difficulties with authorization, transaction issues, and challenges with app or site performance.

You can apply to Fairplay via

  • email
  • live chat
  • website support
  • social media (Telegram, Facebook, Instagram)


Can I bet on tennis if I am 16?

No, only 18+ are allowed to gamble.

What should I do to place a bet on Fairplay?

Create an account, make a cash-in, and you are free to wager.

What are the main types of bets in tennis?

They are an outright, match, set, handicap, and total.