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Watching the best teams in the world kick the ball around the field, scoring beautiful goals you don’t think about how old and great soccer is.

Have you ever imagined that the first evidence goes back to ancient China? Archaeologists found the remains of balls and the likeness of gates on the territory of Greece, Rome, and Central America. But we know that Britain was the country that transformed the game into what we see today.

Let’s see how it all began.

All About Soccer

1863 is the date of soccer birth. It was the year when the rules were finally set: it was written about ball touch prohibition, tripping opponents’ forbiddance, and uniform rules.

As time passed, more new things were implemented. For example, the penalty kick was finalized in 1891. Red and yellow cards were shown firstly during the World Cup finals in 1970.

There recent global changes go back to 1992 when goalkeepers were banned from handling deliberate back, and 1998 when red-card penalties were introduced.

The main events in soccer today are The World Cup, UEFA Champions League, and UEFA European Championship.

Pele is considered to be one of the greatest players. He scored 6 goals during the 1958 World Cup and Brazil became the winner for the first time.

Russian Lev Yashin was impenetrable as a wall and saved 150 penalty shots during his bright career.

The arguments about the best soccer player in history don’t stop. But such names as Diego Maradona, Lionel Messi, and Christiano Ronaldo are among them.

We don’t know the secret of soccer’s popularity. Maybe it’s simplicity. Or maybe accessibility – many little boys from childhood chase the ball with friends in the yard. However, more than 240 million people play soccer regularly.

Soccer Betting for Beginners

Soccer Betting for Beginners

So, you love this sport deeply. But you are afraid to bet because you don’t feel experienced and competent enough. It is not a big deal. It is never too late to learn – we are going to give some useful information that can be a guide to action.

Before placing the first bet, pay attention to several points:

1. Learn the basics of betting

You should definitely know the types of bets and odds. Choose the bookmaker and study all the nuances of wagers, deposits, and withdrawals.

2. Learn about soccer bets.

Wagering on outcomes about who is going to win the match or tournament is not all that the bookies offer. Study the bets thoroughly – the size of winnings will depend on that.

3. Choose the markets to bet on

There are hundreds of matches every day. The desire to bet on everything you see is reckless. It is better to wager on big international events or domestic cups where you know much about teams, players, and their current form.

4. Analyze what affects soccer matches.

Every trifle matters when it comes to the match. Field, h2h, the results of the previous games, and even the schedule have an influence on the battle.

Rules For Soccer Betting

The best advantage of soccer betting is that it is straightforward. So, if you are a newbie and want to have fun without complicated calculations, read this chapter. Here are the basic bets in soccer:

  • full time result

The most popular and simplest one. It is also called a win-draw-win. Some matches may not have a winner and end in a tie (draw).

  • double chance

The safest bet for beginners. You pick to bet on two of three outcomes. If one of them takes place, you win.

  • draw no bet

You just predict the winner – if the draw occurs, money is credited back to you.

  • handicap

Here we go to more difficult wagers. A handicap is a bet when a team gets deducted (-) or extra (+) goals. Minus means a team is a favorite, plus stands for an underdog.  We explain this case in the chapter about betting examples.

  • total

In that case you just should predict whether the number of goals would be higher or lower than the set amount.

  • futures

It is betting on the result of the whole event – championships, leagues, or cups.

Basic Soccer Betting Tips

Basic Soccer Betting Tips

Knowing the basic types of bets is not enough to succeed. You can wager on some event accidentally and win solid money – but it is a matter of luck and not a reasonable analysis. Here is some advice we want to share with all the amateurs:

  • have a budget and don’t exceed it

Betting should be responsible. If you lose a lot of money and have to borrow them, it is an alarm call. Wagering on soccer on Fairplay should bring joy, but not disappointment and debts.

  • bet on what you know

In pursuit of crazy odds, do not bet on every event. The risk of losing is too high. Just stick to the championships and leagues you are familiar with.

  • ignore tipsters

So-called specialists are not the best assistants. Their advice doesn’t differ much from the random opinions of soccer fans. Rely on your opinions and analysis, and learn to predict on your own.

  • read forums and blogs

These should be trustful sources of information from soccer specialists, former players, and sports journalists.

Soccer Bet Example

Let’s consider an example and calculate the number of winnings from the handicap bet. Imagine that you wager 10 $ while being a great fan of Tottenham.

So, you chose the Tottenham (-2) outcome. This means that the club is very likely to win. But (-2) says that the team should win by scoring three or more goals because 2 of them would be deducted. So, the final score of 2-0 in Tottenham’s favor is not enough. But supposably Norwich loses 3-0. With 2 points deduction, it is still a 1-0 victory for Tottenham – the winning is 10* 5.25 = 52.5 $

Soccer Betting Lines

Many bookmakers present soccer information in the form of betting lines. It slightly resembles handicap format – at least minus points at the potential winners, whereas plus indicates an underdog.

You can see the typical betting line below.

  • BARCELONA -145
  • DRAW +240

Betting on Barcelona is not very tempting: wagering 145 $ would bring only 100 if it wins. Betting 100 $ on Manchester United can lead to 400 $ of income if the club sensationally gains the victory.

Fairplay Withdrawals and Deposits

Fairplay Withdrawals and Deposits

Fairplay offers to bet on soccer with high odds and instant payouts. The bookmaker accepts bank transfers, debit/credit cards, and E-wallets to replenish an account or withdraw funds. More details about payment methods are below:

Payment methodMin. depositMax. depositMin. payoutMax. payout
Bank transfer5000 INRnot specified1000 INRnot specified
Netbanking, UPI, PayTM500 INR500 000 INR1000 INRnot specified
BTH, BTC, ETHfrom 1116 to3721 INR500 000 INR1000 INRnot specified

Fairplay recommends using the same payment methods for both deposits and cash-outs.

Why Bet Soccer on Fairplay

What are the main advantages of soccer betting on Fairplay? We will give an extended answer to the question.

  • large soccer sportsbook

The number of events is mesmerizing. The bookie highlights such top events as English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, etc.

  • high odds

The odds are competitive and reasonable. With Fairplay soccer betting you have a great chance to succeed.

  • welcome bonus and promotions

The bookie greets every player with a 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit.

  • fast deposits and withdrawals in INR

The company works closely with major Indian banks. All the transactions are safe and encrypted.

  • modern app for Android
  • simple registration

Customer Support

Help center is online day and night. If you face a problem, be sure that professional operators will handle it fast and easily. Users can use Hindi and the solution to the challenge will not keep you waiting.

Here are the contacts of Fair Play:

Use email if the problem is serious and you don’t lack time to solve it. The average time to respond is 24 hours.

  • support on the site
  • online chat

is The fastest way to communicate with operators. The answer comes immediately.

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What are the main types of bets in soccer?

The full-time result, handicap, total, and future.

Does Fairplay have a good soccer sportsbook?

Yes, the bookmaker lights up all the major international and domestic cups.