FairPlay Rummy

It is a leading Indian online casino where you can play Fairplay Rummy or place bets on the most popular local sports. The online gambling site was established in 2019 and is regulated by the FPO Gambling Ltd company, which is registered in Malta. The license of the service is issued by the Curaçao Gambling Authorities.

The betting portal Fairplay CLub concentrates on the most popular Indian sports and casino games. Besides the Fairplay Rummy, a user will find five cricket leagues, at least 23 football leagues and championships, more than ten tennis leagues, popular slots, table games, and live streams of Andar Bahar, poker, and blackjack games. The live card games section includes 3 Patti, Worli, Amar Akbar, or 7 Up 7 Down. 

Though Fairplay Rummy is a relatively new service, it is extremely popular. If you want to join, it is, maybe, the best service, with its welcome bonuses, weekly rewards, referral program, promo codes, and gift cards. But first, let us discover the Rummy card game and talk about its rules and features.

What is Rummy

What is Rummy

Generally, Rummy is a collective term that covers a series of similar card games. The game is played with the 52 card deck, and the Jokers are playable as well. They can substitute the other cards in the sequences. The main task of the game is gathering a particular combination of cards called meld. Two meld kinds exist: a set (three or four cards that belong to the same rank) and a run (an upgrading or downgrading sequence of the cards that belong to the same suit). 

Each sequence has the price in points, a player who gathers the highest number of points is a winner. Depending on the number of players, kinds of sequences, and other factors, seven main kinds of the game exist:

  • Classic Fairplay Rummy. The game implies six players maximally. The main goal is to call all the combinations and discard all the cards in hand. 
  • Gin Rummy. This game is for two people only. It is distinguished by a Top combination called Gin (ten consequent cards of the same suit). Gin brings 25 points and the sum of all remaining cards in a competitor’s hand. If the sum of points of cards that are not involved in combinations is less than 10, a player has a right to see his competitor’s hand. If the number of points is smaller than the sum of the non-involved cards of the opposite hand, the player gets the difference in additional points. 
  • Oklahoma Rummy. This game is similar to the Gin Rummy, but the first card put in the bank sets the point limit of the ability to see competitors’ cards. If the card belongs to spades, the difference points are doubled. If it is an ace, seeing the competitor’s hand is forbidden. The winner must be the first to bet 150-200 points (the cap is discussed).
  • Rummy 500. The game implies classic rules. If there are two players, they get 13 cards each. If there are up to four players, each gets seven cards. Otherwise, the game involves two decks, and each player gets seven cards. The game lasts until a winner gets 500 points. 
  • Bridge Rummy, or Sequential Rummy. The game implies Gin rules with some alterations. Two decks with Jokers (108 cards in total) are used. Joker cannot substitute the card already involved into a combination. Three new combinations are possible: color (all cards of one suit), figures (all cards higher than 10), and the full color (all cards of the same color in a sequence). 

There is a five points cap to see the competitor’s hand. The winner is the last player who gets less than 100 negative points. The price for the combinations is the following: figures get 10 points, everything under 10 gets the nominal number, and the Joker gets twenty negative points. 

  • Polish Rummy. The game implies the rules of the traditional Fairplay Rummy. There can be three players maximally with 14 cards in each hand, with one deck of cards and two Jokers. In this game, the combination still makes a player take a card from the bank. 
  • Continental Rummy. The game implies 12 players maximally, with up to four decks and Jokers. Each player gets 15 cards and has to gather one, three, or five different combinations. 

As a rule, you can play the classic Fairplay Rummy game online. Some other variations of the game can be found as Flash games.

How to Play Rummy Online

Let us reveal the main Rummy rules. Each player gets his cards in hand. The rest of the deck forms the bank, with one card revealed and forming a “pile”. The player left to the banker gets the first move. He/she must take one card from a bank and discard one from his hand into a pile. If the bank is over, the “pile” closes and becomes a new bank, and the upper card of the new bank becomes the first card of the new “pile”. Players take and discard the cards, consequently, until a combination is gathered. The combination is put on the table, and all cards in it are discarded. 

There is an option to complete the opponent’s combinations as well. The first one who completes all the combinations and discards all the cards from his hand is a winner. The other players show their cards and count the points:


The winner gets a positive balance of the sum of all points of his competitors. Each competitor gets a negative balance of his points. For example, after a round, the first player wins, the second one has 6 and A left, and the third one has 5, Q, and K lefts. The second player gets -7 points, the third one gets -25 points, and the winner gets 32 (25+7) points. The game continues until one player gets a particular sum of points.

How PlayRummy Game Works

The online Fairplay Rummy works similarly to its offline analog. However, if you visit the betting services, you will see some alterations. The first one concerns the banker: it will always be a Fairplay employee, each one in a single room. 

The second feature is, of course, the digital nature of the game. You do not need to count the points and track the sequences. The data comes to you automatically. All you need to do is to master a simple layout of the game and choose what card to discard. 

The final feature of the game is the principle of the open game room. Here, players can join or exit the game whenever they want. If a player leaves the game, his stake and the current balance are delivered to the bank automatically.

How to Win Online Rummy Game?

How to Win Online Rummy Game

There are different ways to win in the Fairplay Rummy game, along with numerous strategies. The most popular one concerns the full sets. Do not try to gather as many points as possible in the beginning. Let the other players build the incomplete sequences and sets and add your cards. In this case, you, but not your opponent, will get the points for the whole combination. 

The other strategy is the opposite: you need to gather the maximum number of combinations to finish the game as soon as possible. In such a way, you will make the opponents leave many cards, which will contribute to your final score.

Play Rummy in Fairplay Club

Why Playing the Fairplay Rummy is the best decision. Besides the fullest collection of exclusive Indian games, the Fairplay club can be characterized by the following features:

  • It is a protected and fair service that works legally in every Indian state. 
  • You will face the maximal diversity of safe payment methods available both for deposits and withdrawals.
  • A customer support team works 24/7 and has a lot of social media accounts to follow.
  • You will face different bonuses and promotions, along with the loyalty program and the VIP club. 

What is more, you need almost nothing to register. It can be completed in five minutes, so you can start playing the Fairplay Rummy game in the same hour after finishing this post.


14 Mar 2022, 2:13 pm

Rummy might seem a slow and boring game. However, these feelings will disappear as soon as you start gathering the combinations. Fairplay Rummy is one of the best ways to experience the game: play wherever you are and when you want, master the rules with ease, and win real money for your performance.


How to Register At Fairplay?

You should visit the official bookmaker’s site and find the Join Now button in the upper-left corner. Do not forget to validate your documents to withdraw money.

Are There Other Card Games at Fairplay?

Yes, you will find the classic poker, Andar Bahar, and Blackjack live room and virtual simulators.

What Currencies are Supported By The Bettor?

The site accepts USD, Euros, INR, and some other global currencies.

Is There A Chance to Play For Free?

Currently, the live Fairplay Rummy studios work with real money only. However, you can try the slot games or manage to get a bonus to save your money for stakes.